Laminated Glass



Laminated glass - a manufactured assembly consisting of at least two sheets of glass permanently bonded together by one or more sheets of organic interlayer(s). 

  • 2-ply glass laminates - a laminated glass consisting of two sheets of glass bonded together with an interlayer.
  • multi-ply glass laminated - a laminated glass consisting of more than two layers of glass and/or plastic glazing sheet material bonded together by interlayers, where both of the outer surfaces are glass.
  • heat-strengthened laminated glass - laminated glass utilizing two or more panels of heat-strengthened (HS) glass in the make-up.
  • tempered laminated glass - laminated glass utilizing two or more panels of tempered (toughened) glass in the make-up.


  • Security -  when broken, numerous cracks appear, but glass fragments tend to adhere to the interlayer. 
  • Noise Reduction - the interlayer can absorb sound waves effectively and reduce the noise polution. Note: Saflex® Q Series (acoustic) can greatly improve overall sound transmission by up to 3db and up to 9db in the critical windnoise region.
  • Bullet resistance - multi-ply laminated safety glass are bulletproof which is a high-strength composite materials.
  • Color Diversity - the interlayers appear different color shades in the laminated glass make-up, so as to meet the customers' requirements.


  • Glass thickness: 3 - 19mm
  • Laminated thickness: 6 - 60mm
  • Max. size: 3660 x 18000mm
  • Min. size: 300 x 300mm

Quality Standards

  • China National Standard: GB 15763.3-2009
  • Australian/New Zealand Standard: AS/NZS 2208:1996
  • American National Standard: ANSI Z97.1-2004


Windows & Doors, glass balustrade, museum showcases glass, etc.


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