Tempered Glass

Unisunda Tempered Glass


Tempered glass (also known as toughened glass, reinforced glass) - a glass which has been converted to a safety glass by subjection to a process of prestressing so that, if fractured, the entire piece disintegrates into small, relatively harmless particles. Glass of any shape that has been subjected to a thermal treatment process characterized by uniform heating followed by rapid uniform cooling to produce compressively stressed surface layers. The residual surface compression is a minimum of 69 MPa.

Semi-tempered glass (also known as heat-strengthened glass) -  a glass which has been subjected to a special heat treatment, so that the residual surface compression stresses lies between 24 MPa to 45 MPa. Compared to tempered glass, the flexibility of the semi-tempered glass  is smaller, and its thermal stability is better than that of annealed  glass. Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into larger fragments which is similar to annealed glass. So it can't be used as safety glass.


  • Flat tempered glass thickness: 3 - 19mm

                                           max. size: 3660 x 16000mm


  • The fabricator (supplier's premises) can also produce bent glass as per customers' requests.
  • All fabrication, such as cutting to overall dimensions, edgework, drilled holes, notching, grinding, sand-blasting, and etching, shall be performed before strengthening or tempering and shall be as specified.
  • After the glass has been heat-strengthened or tempered, it shall
    not be modified except as recommended by the fabricator. 

Product Certifications

  • SGCC Certification
  • EU EN 12150 Certification
  • AS/NZS 2208 Certification
  • National "3C" Compulsory Certification


shower room, swimming pool fencing, glass door, facade window, interior partition, glass curtain wall, etc.